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Personal healing for you

Coming for a Shamanic Healing with Stacy.

all healings can be done via video linked up to WhatsApp, messenger, skype or zoom  healings are charged at £90per person .

First contact with Stacy Its always a little daunting to realize you need help in some way. Help in healing the physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Sometimes we are unaware that we might need this. It could come in a fleeting thought, a knowing or a suggestion. Whichever way it has shown itself to you, please, please, please honor yourself in your inner knowing and I thank you and spirit for making the first initial step for help! If you are looking on my website or have been advised by others to contact me, the next step is to communicate with me. This step as a client can be the hardest step of all. you don’t know me and it can be a little scary at first, this is okay and totally expect able, you are not the first to feel that way and many after you will be feeling the same.

So lets say you have taken the step to contact me and now you want to visit me, this might be in a form of a healing or maybe to just visit one of the groups I facilitate. That off course is all fine, you are more than welcome to come and find out if I am indeed the right person for you.

We will arrange a time and date that is convenient for the both of us to get together to communicate about your personal healing. This might come in various ways. Attending a personal healing is one, a distance healing or even coming on a workshop this is also part of the healing structure. You will know what is the best for you after we have spoken about your needs.

So well done for getting through all the above. I am aware at how difficult this might be for some people and I repeat what I said at the beginning of this page.
You will come and visit me in my own home. I have the perfect little healing hut that is designed for tranquility, healing, peace and love. there is even a log burner to keep you warm with the offering of many flavored teas and chocolate………This helps the relaxation to help you to jump up on the couch provided to begin your healing.

Once you are comfortable and ready for the healing to begin, I will sage you, myself and the hut. This will cleanse any energy and move some blocks. It smells nice so don’t worry about the smoky smell.
I will then stand at the bottom of your feet with a feather in my hand. This is called a feather assessment. At this stage I shall be calling in all my helpers from spirit, the connection to your guides and connection to the spirit of the bird who feather I am using. Any other spirits that want to come in and help with your personal healing then may enter the healing space.
I begin my connection at the bottom of your feet and will move the feather up the body to detect illness in the physical, emotional pain from traumas of today and past lives, if anything might need removing from your energy field, chakra upgrades and so much more I couldn’t possibly write them all it will be detected via the feather………
Every person needs something different. Every healing is unique as the individual who is laying on the couch to receive the healing. All I ask for you at this point, is to just relax and listen to the music provided. If you would like to know what it is I am picking up from my spirit helpers, I am happy to talk you through all your healing process . If you choose to be left in peace and quite I am happy to do that also. This is your healing so therefore I work for whatever is in your best interest at that time.

Again, your healing is individual as you are. Most cases the healing is completed within 2 hours tops, If you need any longer than this I shall ask you to come back another time. Generally this does not happen and we are finished in 1hour 30mins.
Your healing process will continue for the next 28 days. So some people will feel an instant healing and for others it will take up to 28 days for it to feel complete. In all cases you will feel something different. And in 100% of cases feel better and cleaner from within.
As all shamanic healing we work on mind, body & spirit. This is quite a lot of layers in one healing so please allow yourself the 28 days healing process. Be kind to yourself and honor what spirit have done to heal you.

Whilst in your 28days of recovery, I shall stay in contact with you to make sure all is in balance and to answer any questions you might have. I ask you to keep a small journal of your 28day process. This helps you to understand yourself and the process. It is also a great read after you have completed your cycle. this is off course optional but very beneficial to you.
Once the 28 days are completed it is your choice to visit me again (this normally only happens if you have a pro longed illness) if this is the case we will organise another day and process will continue as above.

I charge a fee of £90per ( You can pay a deposit of £10 to secure your healing place or full amount before day of healing. I prefer PayPal payment or bank transfer. Please contact me for more payment details.
To contact me to arrange your personal healing please call my mobile 07917115164 OR email stacykeast@hotmail.co.uk ( you can email the website but I sometimes do not receive them)
I look forward to hearing for you and being part of your shamanic journey!
love and blessings always